The Community Aviation Flight Training Network™

The EAA Proficiency365 Basic mission bundle of eight missions; six (6) exercises and four (2) scenarios is available to all Redbird simulation devices equipped with the current Navigator instructor station software (3.4). The EAA Proficiency365 Advanced mission bundle includes two additional scenarios that rely on software available to a subset of of Redbird simulation devices.

All of the missions are available for free and once unlocked from the Redbird Store the missions are accessible to anyone. The Pilot Kits are not mandatory but provide key mission information and are definitely recommended for the scenarios, which qualify for FAA WINGS Basic Flight Credit.

The basic mission suite has been uploaded to over 130 Redbird simulation devices at flight training centers across the country. The Advanced package is installed at about 50 locations. Pilots and instructors can search for these participating flight training centers with the Community Aviation locator application. Searches can be refined with filters for the type of simulation device available, configuration (aircraft type), flight training tools available (e.g., PilotEdge) and locations for the basic and advanced bundles.

See the Map of Flight Training Centers

Locations with black pins represent flight training centers that are members of the Community Aviation Flight Training Network. Those centers with red pins are not members but have a Redbird training device with the EAA Proficiency365 mission bundles. Missions are available to fly at any of these locations. Members of the Flight Training Network have shared more information about their training center and have at least one instructor qualified to teach the EAA Proficiency365 missions and award FAA WINGS Credit for the scenarios.

The Community Aviation Flight Training Network is comprised of flight training Centers and Instructors. Centers need to have an aviation training device capable of running the simulation missions and instructors need to be qualified to teach the exercises and scenarios.

Joining the Flight Training Network is easy and membership is free. Member flight training centers and qualified flight instructors have profile pages with more detail and contact information so pilots can locate them.

Center Profile

Instructor Profile