Purpose and Objectives of EAA Proficiency365™

The purpose of the EAA Proficiency365™ simulation program is to increase pilot safety through a national scenario-based simulation training program. Last year, over one-thousand (1,000) pilots received training at the Pilot Proficiency Center (PPC) at EAA AirVenture. Each participant had the opportunity to spend an hour with a SAFE or NAFI instructor at a Redbird advanced aviation training device (AATD) equipped with additional flight training tools.

The training experience included a menu-driven choice of professionally developed simulation missions, a thorough preflight briefing, pilot kits, expert instruction from qualified flight instructors, exposure to best in class flight training tools (Jeppesen charts, ForeFlight, virtual air traffic control from PilotEdge and Mindstar Aviation, and analytics from CloudAhoy), and finally a complete flight debrief with the CFI.

The proficiency building and learning opportunities from the simulation venue at the Pilot Proficiency Center (PPC) have proven to be immense, but regrettably it is only operational for a single week of the year.  The leadership team understood that in order make a real positive impact on pilot safety the program would need to be available to more pilots and accessible year round. The decision was made to take the show on the road by distributing the ten simulation missions developed for 2019 to Redbird ATD's nationwide. Introducing Proficiency365™.  

Thanks to a partnership among the EAA, Community Aviation and Redbird Flight Simulations, pilots and instructors can now access these simulation missions from the PPC at select flight training centers (FTC's) around the USA. There is no cost to the FTC for hosting or to pilots flying the missions, outside of the customary rental rates and instructor fees. Instructors are encouraged to use them freely for proficiency training.

The instructors attending the PPC at AirVenture each summer receive lesson plans and on-site briefings before they are deemed qualified to teach the missions. This is particularly critical for the simulation scenarios, which are eligible for FAA WINGS Flight Credit.

It's important to know that this is the first instance that the FAA has allowed for Flight credit to be awarded for a simulation scenario flight and we want to maintain the integrity of the program.

The instructor qualification process for EAA Proficiency365 consists of a thorough review of this syllabus, as demonstrated by the completion of an open book quiz at each section. You can take each quiz as many times as you like but you must eventually achieve a perfect score. Thank you for your interest and participation in this program. Welcome.