Navigating the Qualification Package

This Qualification Package (Package) contains information about the Proficiency365™ initiative as well as details for each simulation mission. It's very important that all participating instructors are familiar with the content in order to maximize learning experience and integrity of the program.

The Package is organized into three main Sections; About the EAA Proficiency365™ Program, Mission Scenarios, and Mission Exercises. Each section is divided into Chapters which contain the actual content.

Each Chapter must be completed sequentially and once completed you can continue to the next one. At the end of the first section there is a Review and Validation with a short Q&A which must be answered in order to advance to the missions sections.

If you try to advance to the next Chapter prior to completing the previous one you'll see this message. No worries, just go back to the Chapter last completed.

Each Mission, Scenarios and Exercises, have a Review and Validation Q&A that must be completed in order to advance to the next Chapter. The questions are simple and you can source the mission materials for answers.

Pilot Kits and Instructor Lesson Plans are pdf files that can be downloaded for your reference and use after the qualification process is complete.