Experience IFR with a Master Instructor

A good pilot is in charge of their entire flight. They comprehend the weather, know their airplane, and understand their instruments. They are ahead of the flight; where are we, what's next and what do we need to be doing to prepare for the next event. Radio calls are short, crisp and to the point. They make the system work for them rather than simply taking what comes. Knowing their airplane. It can take many hours of flight to achieve this level of confidence and skill. This program can help you get there. Ride with one of the most accomplished and experienced instrument pilots in the general aviation community up and down the east coast of the USA as he demonstrates how you can be the pilot in command.

Fly the East Coast IFR Experience

We flew with Doug and recorded each leg of an intense five-day cross country training trip

Doug Stewart offers several IFR training trips designed to give pilots an intense and thorough exposure to flying in the IFR system. His longest is the East Coast Experience (ECIE). It starts in New England at Columbia County Airport (1B1) in Hudson, NY and heads south all the way to Florida before turning around and flying up the east coast all the way to Bangor, Maine before returning to Columbia County. Before the five-day trip is over pilots will have flown some of the most challenging approaches and flying conditions available anywhere in the country. We recorded the entire trip with Doug and his trainee so you have a seat at a fraction of the cost.

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Hangar flying to the rescue...

These are strange days indeed, but as pilots we can't sit still for long. Maintain your social distance but keep your head in the sky. Fly with a master instructor today.

  • Legacy pricing!
  • Take a seat next to Doug and watch up to 38 hours of video, one bit-sized chunk at a time.
  • 90-day Guarantee. 100% refund if you're not pleased with the ECIE within 90-days of purchase.

Real IFR with an Expert


Flying in the System

The trip is planned, but the scenarios create themselves

The 3,000 mile route has been chosen for a specified variety of approaches, airspace, terrain, airports and more. But nothing ever goes as planned. So what do you do when your alternator fails? What about the weather moving across your path? You're crossing the White Mountains, can't a maintain altitude due to rotor winds and Boston Center doesn't have time for you.

It's times like these when the learning is best and you're glad you've got Doug Stewart by your side.


The East Coast IFR Experience

What you will see...

Bite-sized Highlights

Over 30 hours of flight edited into chunks of learning, no more than 20 minutes each.

Classroom in the Sky

The learning never stops in the cockpit. There are powerful lessons shared on every leg.

Flight Event Log

Each leg features a detailed flight log that makes it easy to find the content you want.

Using the Instruments

Doug shows how to get the most out of your instruments and shares his best practices.

Flight Tools in Action

There's lots happening in the cockpit. Watch Doug use his EFB in very interesting ways.


Planning is everything. Plans are worthless. See Doug and Billy deal with new situations.

Daily Briefings

Sit with Doug and his pilot in training and he critiques the day's flights and offers advice.

Post Flight Analyses

We upload recorded track logs into CloudAhoy for post flight analysis and a 3D perspective.

Detailed Procedures

Download charts, approach plates and airport information pages. Follow each flight leg.

The East Coast IFR Experience

See what's in it for you...

Be the Pilot in Command

Remember, the guy you're talking to is on the ground. He can go home and have a beer while you're still up there flying the airplane. You're in charge. Know what you need and tell them what you want. It's a different way of thinking about it; be the pilot in command.

Doug Stewart

11x Master Certified Instructor

16,000 + hours total flying time
12,700 + hours dual instruction
5,600 + hours IFR instruction

Legacy Pricing $148


Earn up ten (10) FAA WINGS Credits: Six (6) Knowledge and four (4) Basic Flight

    If you're not satisfied you can receive a 100% refund within 90 days of purchase

    Bite-sized Highlights

    There are hours of professionally edited video, but you can digest the content in bit-sized chunks of learning. See LP+V approaches, intersection departures, procedure turns, deviations, ODP's, vectors to final, partial panel flight, weather briefings, equipment failures, flight plan filing and more. All with supporting resources.

    Classroom in the Sky

    Learn from Doug's coaching and the mistakes made by his pilot in training.

    Flight Event Logs

    In addition to the video highlights you can watch each flight from beginning to end, or go directly to specific events. There is something happening at any point on every leg of the trip. Each flight comes with a detailed event log that makes it easy for you to find subject matter of interest.


    Viewer Resources

    Download charts, approach plates, airport diagrams and more so you can follow flights and procedures.

    Meet Doug Stewart

    Doug is the "National Certified Instructor of the Year for 2004". He is an eleven-time Master Certified Flight Instructor, Gold Seal Instructor and Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE). He is based at Columbia County Airport (1B1) in Hudson, NY.

    - Commercial Pilot Airplane SEL, SES
    - MEL Instrument Airplane
    - IGI, CFII, DPE, Gold Seal Instructor
    - 11 time Master Certified Flight Instructor
    - 16,000 + hours total time
    - 12,700 + hours dual instruction
    - 5,600 + hours instrument instruction

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who should get this program?

    The ECIE is designed for pilots, students, instructors and aviation enthusiasts. If you're interested in developing your piloting skills and becoming a more confident, proficient and safer pilot, then consider this program.

    Can I earn WINGS Credit?

    The East Coast IFR Experience has been approved for Six (6) FAA WINGS Knowledge Credits; 2 Basic, 2 Advanced and 2 Master. Additionally the EAA Proficiency365™ simulation scenarios are approved for four (4) Basic Flight Credits if you fly all four of them with a qualified instructor.

    What airplane does Doug fly?

    Doug Stewart has flown a Cessna Cardinal for years. His current airplane, N516AP, is a 1977 177RG with a 200 HP Lycoming IO-360-A1B6D. It's equipped with an Aspen Evolution 1000 PFD, Garmin GNS430W WAAS GPS, S-TEC 55X autopilot, and a Garmin 396 w/ XM Weather.

    Who is Community Aviation?

    Community Aviation is a company dedicated to advancing pilot proficiency for the general aviation community. It's signature Learn-Do-Fly™ approach relies on a nationwide flight training network of independent centers, instructors and educators. See more here.

    Fly with Doug Stewart

    Sit with to a master instructor and fly from Virginia to Florida, up to Maine and back to Virginia all in a week.

    • Legacy pricing!
    • Take a seat next to Doug and watch up to 38 hours of video, one bit-sized chunk at a time.
    • 90-day Guarantee. 100% refund if you're not pleased with the ECIE within 90-days of purchase.

    Fly from Maine to Florida


    Legacy Pricing