I: N12 > KISP

Filed Route: DIXIE V1 DPK

Distance: 71 nm

Termination: ILS or LOC Rwy 24 (Circle to Land - Full Stop)

Billy and Doug are cleared from N12 to KISP via mobile phone with a two (2) minute void time. The clearance is “upon entering class E airspace direct DIXIE” at 700'. They climb Vx initially and then go to a 10º climb configuration. Passing through 700' McGuire Approach immediately clears them to 5,000'. After getting the ATIS at KISP they choose and load the ILS Rwy 24. They then proceed to input the altitude for CORAM with the VSR.

In the meantime ATC is routing us right over JFK's runway 04L. There's plenty of sight seeing at this point. It does not take long for ATC to light up and the communications are double time. Billy and Doug ID the ILS and start setting up for the approach into KISP. Cross track error can tell when you are abeam the final fix (RIZER). As they fly vectors for the approach Doug coaches Billy to execute the turn before he does anything else - Aviate / Navigate / Communicate. They activate the autopilot to grab the localizer and then the glideslope - checking their altitude at RIZER.

Good learning moments:

  • Watching cross track error on the approach at KISP
  • Coupled approach
  • Radio phraseology and rapid communications
  • Intersection departure
  • Flying vectors to final
  • Timing the approach
  • Cleaning up after landing

  • 0:01:06 IFR Clearance to KISP via mobile phone
  • 0:03:25 Vx Departure N12
  • 0:05:05 Maguire Departure
  • 0:07:30 XM weather
  • 0:08:50 Over to New York Approach
  • 0:14:15 At cruising altitude
  • 0:16:30 Weather at KISP - Approach discussion
  • 0:18:05 Loading and briefing the ILS Rwy 24 approach for KISP
  • 0:27:00 New York Approach!
  • 0:31:00 Doug makes the call
  • 0:32:25 Watching cross track error and setting frequencies
  • 0:37:00 Situational awareness with the instruments
  • 0:39:40 Descend to 2,000' - abeam RIZER
  • 0:42:00 Anticipating the next vector direction - turn then talk!
  • 0:43:35 Flaps 10º
  • 0:44:25 Anticipating the next vector (final approach < 30º)
  • 0:45:10 Coupling up on the S-TEC System 55 - Cleared for the approach ILS Rwy 24 - Over to the tower
  • 0:47:30 Gear down - Cleared to land
  • 0:49:00 Crossing RISER - Timer on
  • 0:50:00 Coming up on our 500' to-go 'bug'
  • 0:51:05 Cleared to land?
  • 0:51:25 Short final Rwy 24 KISP
  • 0:52:40 Over to ground - Alternator light - Taxi to 33L intersection

ECIE N12 > KISP.pdf
N12 Airport Info Jepp.pdf
KISP Airport 1 Jepp.pdf
KISP Airport Info 1A Jepp.pdf
KISP ILS or LOC Rwy 24 Jepp.pdf
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