Departure from 1B1

The ECIE adventure officially begins as Billy and Doug depart from Columbia County Airport (1B1) and head to Wilkes-Barre (KAVP) for the first leg of Day 1. Doug talks Billy through procedures and back-up plans should they encounter difficulty on departure. He introduces his hallmark "HAT Check" (heading, altimeter, & transponder) that he uses just before applying power on takeoff. There's a review of the gauges and instruments they'll want to monitor as they accelerate down the runway.

There's a detailed discussion of abort procedures for specific points during the departure. Doug discusses the takeoff checklist and proper positioning of the airplane during each phase of the departure and initial climb. There are also communication procedures to review.

Doug calls for their clearance over the phone while holding short, gets a five (5) minute void time and then they're off. The gear is retracted but the learning continues through the climb. There's another checklist, communication with approach control, monitoring the gauges, watching the climb rate to 8,000', and then the first of many Doug Stewart mantras Billy will hear over the next five days, "always sync your heading bug".

View from the pilot in training. What I learned...

"I really appreciate Doug's systematic respect for the departure phase. His HAT check and assignment of decision points prior to takeoff are brilliant procedures and I've adopted these practices as part of my flying routine."


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