The EAA Proficiency365™ Mission Bundle

Community Aviation was responsible for the development of simulation missions for the Pilot Proficiency Center at EAA AirVenture '19. This year, in partnership with the EAA and Redbird Flight Simulations, these exercises and scenarios have been uploaded to over 130 Redbird sims around the USA as part of the EAA Proficiency365™ (P365) initiative.

Three of the IFR missions were directly inspired by the East Coast IFR Experience (ECIE); "The Wright Stuff", "Escape from Berlin" and "Pilot in Command". Every mission in the P365 bundle is relevant to proficiency training. Subscribers to the ECIE can access the Pilot Kits for all ten of the missions for free. Each of the four scenarios qualify for FAA WINGS Basic Flight Credit if flown with a qualified instructor.

Just use the discount code "ECIE100" at checkout for a 100% discount on the Pilot Kits. Then look for a training center near you where you can fly them or follow the set up guide to fly select missions on your PC simulator. Download the Proficiency365™ Pilot Kits here.

Download the Proficiency365™ Pilot Kits. Use discount code "ECIE100" at check out for 100% discount on all of the EAA Proficiency365™ Pilot Kits.

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