Filing Flight Plans for the Morning Flights on Day One

Doug works with Billy to file the first two legs of the ECIE trip: 1B1 > KAVP and KAVP > KHGR. They have the big weather picture so they can now check METARS and the forecast, using TAF's and MOS, as well as winds aloft and NOTAMS. They can then proceed directly to planning their route, filing their flight plans and getting a preliminary idea of the best approaches into the two airports.

Doug talks about the role of Clearance Delivery vs the TRACON. This is also an excellent detailed demonstration of the ForeFlight app for flight planning and filing.

View from the pilot in training. What I learned...

"Experience with the airspace is very advantageous. Doug knew what routes and altitudes to expect, but the benefit of having ForeFlight show what had been cleared recently was also valuable; so we tried something new. Two big takeaways for me: I had not appreciated the flexibility of flying off an airway. If a pilot encountered icing conditions for example they could look for an MVA, as opposed to an MEA, for a lower altitude. You just need to be sure you can maintain clearance from terrain. Also, Doug knows not to argue with clearance / delivery. They're just the messenger. If you're not happy with your clearance negotiate with TRACON later."


ECIE Day 1 Route.pdf
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